iPhone OS 1.0 vs iOS 10.0: what has changed in 9 years [video]

Operating system iOS has come a long way since the announcement in 2007. When Steve jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone, the most advanced entertainment feature of the mobile platform was the ability to watch YouTube videos and play web games. Then there were no apps, no multitasking, no folder on the desktop.

At the presentation, jobs described the operating system of Apple smartphones, as a modification of the desktop Mac OS X. all the guides were OS iPhone OS (iOS name appeared only a few years later). Despite the fact that the platform seemed to be the innovative in those days, the greater part of a modern and functional it was not. The original OS had no access to shops, background Wallpapers and support third-party applications. At home there were only 16 icons, Safari, iPod, Mail, Text, Camera, Photos, Notes, Calculator.

Looking back, it seems amazing how far iOS is a simple OS with half a dozen applications to advanced computer systems, all of which are unknown until the end of the ordinary user. The latest edition of the platform, iOS 10 will bring even more innovations among which the new design of the lock screen, an updated control room, and the standard application Messages, Apple Music, Maps, Apple News, new client to manage devices “smart” Home. In addition 10 iOS open to developers new opportunities to work with Siri, Maps, Phone and Messages.

Mobile devices with iOS 10 will get the update in September of this year, along with the release of the new iPhone preloaded with iOS 7 10.

Videobloger EverythingApplePro invited to plunge into the history and compare the first version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system iPhone OS 1.0 to iOS 10.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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