IPhone owners eat better Android users

Compare iPhone users and owners of Android-devices. Someone doing it for material wealth, while othe rs opt for a more sophisticated criteria. And one of them is eating habits.

A popular service for food delivery Eat24 examined the behavior of iPhone and Android. It turned out that more than 27 % of users of iPhone apps it’s great for “healthy food”, while for owners of Android, this figure falls short of the 18 %.

But that’s not all. If eating vegetables every third user of the iPhone, the Android owners are more like the meat or other side dishes — almost every fourth user.

In addition, iPhone owners proved to be more mobile — they are twice as likely to choose “pickup” instead of shipping food to your home or office. Or just don’t want to pay the courier, but is there such a thing?

Of course, to take such studies seriously is not worth it, but I still wonder, what is this variation in the tasty preference of users.

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