IPhone sales in Russia was more successful than last year

Sales of the new iPhone XS and XS Max was launched in Russia on 28 September. According to retailers, the demand for iPhone 2018 was several times higher than iPhone X last year.

Retailers analyzed data collected during the first three days of sales of new products. According to them, the demand for new Apple phones grew by 20% compared with the 2017 year, when the iPhone X and more available 8 and 8 Plus.

The study took into account sales in trading networks “Svyaznoy”, “Euroset” and Cstore. Analysts noted that the greatest interest for Russian users is the gold iPhone XS Max 256 GB. It is chosen to be approximately 65% of iPhone buyers. Many of them use trade-in services (used this service a third of the customers, MTS), prezakon and purchases in online stores.

Many people prefer the trade-in due to provision of discounts on the purchase of a new smartphone: passing the old iPhone X with 256 GB of memory can be purchased similar to the XS with a discount of 36%. The average number of online orders iPhone 2018 rose three and a half times in comparison with 2017 year.

In Russia the cost of the iPhone XS and XS Max starts from 87 96 990 and 990 rubles, respectively.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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