iPhone was 9 years old: 5 reasons why he still is the best Android smartphone

iPhone celebrates its 9th birthday. Question, what is better: Apple or Android device is still of concern to many of those who are going to buy a new machine. Users to this day cross swords in disputes, which of the platforms, such as iOS or Android is ahead in convenience and innovation. Until recently it seemed that to compare them is meaningless. Before everything was simple: if you want watered-down OS created by perfectionists – buy iPhone or iPad. If you need freedom of choice of device and the ability to fine tune the system for themselves, look in the direction of Android.

However, both OS subjectively becoming more similar to each other. Android is gradually taking the fact that iPhone users have always valued in iOS – aesthetics and comfort. The latter, in turn, increases functionality and customization options. Today, we explain why nevertheless, it makes sense to make a choice in favor of the iPhone.


Unfamiliar with iOS? Don’t know where to start? Follow your intuition, that’s all. Operating system Apple simple as possible. I remember the story of how I tried to teach my aunt to use a smartphone with Symbian. It did not, literally all caused confusion. With Android are out, even when removed from the screen the extra desktops, which are left there only icons of programs, spent an hour explaining basic (like) things.

Now it is clear that it was necessary to start immediately with the iOS way, with him in relative relations developed very quickly. Is it magic? No. All in reaction to pressure, in clear gestures. How to unlock camera? All is drawn. Where’s the phone? Where are the contacts? Look at the icons. How to get back to the desktop? Press the button under the display.

Convenience and ease of use of Apple gadgets seasoned tight integration with other Apple devices. For example, one of the most obvious things missing Android: iOS allows the exchange of SMS, MMS and calls in “seamless” mode, and it just works. If you have an iPad or Mac (or maybe both), all you need is their login to iCloud under the same Apple ID as your iPhone. You can enable forwarding of text messages to your iPad or Mac. With calls of the same. Continuity – an example of good integration between different types of devices.

Can be arbitrarily long talk about the fact that Apple just brought to mind a hundred years as is known to function fine, but then why others do? Have not done as efficiently. One thing – attempt, and another thing – a product for millions of users.


Regular updates is a key advantage of iOS over Android. The fact that Apple can at any time send a new version, incredibly steep, and no device on Android, even the Nexus can boast the same. As is known, the reference device Google get updates in the prescribed manner, and time after time it became clear that the manufacturer of the phone — a key factor that determines the possibility of the receipt of update device.

Of course, you can gain root access and install custom firmware, but it’s not the same as the update that is available to everyone simultaneously without any criteria and reservations.

The update gets released for all Apple devices and often brings not just invisible changes and improvement in functionality. Even for old gadgets – the iPhone 5s have almost the same bun as the iPhone 6s. There is no discrimination. Different iron, but a soft, monotonous updates, unified system.

That is why many people use iPhone to the bitter end, or until you get bored to the teeth gnashing, lost, or stolen, or until it breaks forever.


Mobile platform iOS is much more secure operating system Google before most types of existing attacks. This is due largely to strict censorship of the App Store. Google treats it more freely, so the majority of Android malware is integrated directly into the official app.

Only the Cheetah Mobile report, according to which the creators of the Trojan Hummer for Android, earn about half a million dollars a day. Android is a real find for hackers and virus writers. In the first half of 2016, malicious software was installed at the peak of its activity daily by 1.4 million units. Analysts predict that the number of active Android malware will grow rapidly.

Quality apps

Most of the new interesting programs are now released simultaneously for iOS and Android – earlier the situation was different. Surely you remember the story about Instagram, up to a certain time this popular utility was available only for iOS.

But even if the program exists for two operating systems, often it works better and looks like it is on iOS. Comes to comic: compare how to look like icons of the same apps that would seem to look the same: on Android, the icons will look like “the farm”.

For iOS faster updates appear, appearance, fonts something can be more interesting, and the functionality may vary. This point can be important for those who like to install everything new and interesting, to get updates among the first.

Don’t forget about the App Store – most software is inexpensive, very many are not worth anything at all, to use this platform is quite convenient for user with any level of training. About the number of tools say nothing is more important than quality, but here it’s all right.


An important detail for the years since the advent of the iPhone in Russia, there were hundreds of services where it is possible to repair the machine. Yes there are hundreds, thousands. One could argue – and they say Samsung has the services and Sony too. Yes, but not at every step. In which case you can repair iPhone and one of several official or one of the hundreds of unofficial service centers.

Now I’m talking about Moscow, but probably in your town there are no problems. And if there are any official Apple Store – all holiday. Apple will study the problem, free of charge, make repairs and if the damage is critical – just get a new machine.

But in the Russian realities, all very good. Out the warranty period and the battery is not what it used to be? Welcome to the unofficial. There is a guarantee and there are problems with the screen (e.g., clicking when pressing) – feel free to go there.

Service availability is a big plus. Don’t think about it when everything is working fine. But if you know of a tendency to break phones, it is best to choose one that is no problem to fix. And, by the way, Apple repair technicians are not that expensive – it’s not about laptops, but about mobile devices. The whole thing is in competition.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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