iPhone will pay for everything, or why users are not in a hurry to connect Apple Pay

In October of this year, Russia earned the service of contactless payments Apple Pay — instant Bank payments are simple bringing the smartphone to the terminal in the store. Two months later, according to statistics, VTB24, only 10% of all compatible iPhones in our country are using the Apple payment system. Why iPhone delay Apple Pay, decided to look at News.ngs.

The service of instant contactless payment made possible thanks to the adoption of NFC technology in smartphones is a module radio, short range (10-15 cm) for data exchange. Before it was embedded ISO/IEC 14443, which made it possible to use Bank cards without physical contact. At the terminals in stores and other establishments began to appear special marks — payWave, PayPass and others, indicating the possibility of contactless payment. Holders, for example, Samsung smartphones, began to slowly pay for their purchases where they plugged in the Samsung Pay. However, the joy of Android users especially no one was interested.

The NFC module appeared in the iPhone in its 6th generation and now, finally, you can check in real life is useless still in Russia functionality.

To experience the “technology of the future”, just as the owner of the iPhone, will not work. You need to have your name a special Bank card with the possibility of contactless payment and link it to your smartphone. It is quite painful stage.

First you need to choose which Bank and what specifically to open the map. Most credit card agencies will be released in a few days. So, in the savings Bank said that the card issue will take from 3 days to 2 weeks, but how exactly — do not know. “Rocketbike” (OTKRITIE Bank) issue with delivery — about a week. More or less operative work in the “Alfa-Bank” — 2-3 days.

Salvation was the card Sberbank Momentum, namely with the Bank, Apple Pay is exclusive worked during the month. The card is free and is issued immediately ready in the Bank, it has released — it simply does not have your name. Here only to find the office where the map will be in stock.

In the call center of Sberbank said that have no idea where these cards are available. Ring up the office too difficult — for example, in 2GIS there are no telephones offices. Will have to go around all “manually” and only in the third Department managed to find this card in stock.

Once the chain disappears, the human factor, everything is going great. Launching the Wallet app, the iPhone camera reads the card data in seconds — and all cards are linked, you can go shopping.

In the “Auchan city” of new terminals. Select “payment card with contactless label”, bent iPhone, put your finger on the sensor fingerprint — terminal positively squeaks, but requires to enter the PIN code card. It turns out that in some places, the system may require more and the PIN it is somehow spreads the fun from the future.

To test the service in full force, however, succeeded in other outlets. In the network of shops “Magnet”, all points are equipped with new POS equipment. Offer iPhone to the terminal, a couple of seconds, squeak — all payment completed.

Shop “the Messenger” — punctured set of batteries the wave of a smartphone — all approved. And even roadside kiosks “Russian pancakes” calmly accepts the payment. The system works in the subway is particularly convenient, because the subway is always in a hurry.

The time of payment really is the most simple action. You don’t even need to include the iPhone, unlock it, select the map.

If you have several cards in advance in the settings mark the “map default”. Just hold the phone to the terminal in advance by placing your finger on the sensor read the fingerprint. The smartphone will turn on itself, “sensing” contactless terminal, you’ll check on mark and make payment.

It really is more convenient than to get the normal map, which usually is in the wallet, paste it, enter PIN, hiding back into the purse. Smartphone because is usually all in the pocket, in the area of direct access. To pay with a wave can be in the online shops, apps or from the browser on your smartphone. Manufacturers and the banks claim that it’s perfectly safe process.

Apple is now actively promoting its payment service it is interested to continue to receive his modest Commission from the Bank for payments. Recently the head of Sberbank German Gref talked about the “enormous breakthrough” in banking, referring to contactless payments.

Yet Apple Pay, according to the company website, are not available everywhere — it is not the giants such as “Tape”, IKEA, “Leroy Merlin”. Already available network of “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, “Media Markt”. They promise to start the service in “Burger king”. However, the service may unexpectedly be working in any place where a terminal with contactless payment.

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