iPhone X, Face ID and “Theatre of Steve jobs” story of the week on MacDigger

No more leaks — just the facts about the presentation on September 12… and some of Xiaomi.

Wait: Apple unveiled three new iPhone

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would call 7s (outside it’s normal “sevens” in the glass), but the company wanted a nice walk through the s-generation in 2017.

In the US, pre-orders accepted from September 15 — and a few hours later version in all colors and GB are still available — they promise to deliver in 7-9 days. If you remember how quickly disappeared the first batch of iPhone 7 last year, apparently not these models waiting for the fans…

The material in the topic: Paul Gorodnitsky about why the smartphones worthy of attention.

iPhone X!

The whole summer of leaks so tired that most of the history of “jubilee” leader surprised his name: “iPhone ten” not “x”.

But there are important news:

  • Apple decided not to hide the cutout on the screen behind the black strip of the status bar. And application developers advised non-standard area is not masked.
  • The Home button donated, so on iOS in X begins the era of gestures.
  • Technology Face ID and scanning the iris of the eye in a premium Galaxy. A system of sensors in iPhone X know smartphone owner in the dark. Most sunglasses, beards and hats — still no obstacle (using neural networks). Protection from hackers, Apple also provided.
  • Materials on the subject: the facial recognition system says Craig Federighi, compare the Face ID and Touch ID.

    Besides the iPhone, Apple has shown smart watch the third generation and TV set-top box with support for 4K and HDR.

    The presentation was first held in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”

    About futuristic building in the “spaceship” Apple campus Park told in as much detail as “iron” products.

    Xiaomi ahead of frameless party Apple one day

    And presented Mi MIX2 in a ceramic package. And yet — a laptop and a new phablet Mi Note 3.

    Now at the fair leader is not only enough Google. But the company has hinted that it will show a pair of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in October.

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