iPhone XS Max won Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the comparative test speakers

Journalists AppleInsider conducted a comparative test of the iPhone’s speakers XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The sound quality was checked during game Fortnite.

A video from a comparative test has been published on the official channel of publication in YouTube. Apple representatives during the presentation of the device on 12 September noted that a new iPhone XS and XS Max they updated the speaker system that made them sound louder and cleaner than its predecessors. Details of changes have not been made public, but the successful result of the work done was obvious.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you can select the sound quality (the sound is Dolby Atmos), iPhone XS Max was far ahead of his competitor. He’s not only really louder than the Samsung: the sound at maximum volume was cleaner and bigger than the opponent, and themselves better speakers passed the bass.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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