iPhone XS “smoothes” the skin in the photo, as the Chinese public sector

Chinese smartphones like Meizu and Xiaomi are famous for the fact that they built a so-called beatification. Algorithms of processing of images that makes users younger and prettier. Judging by recent tests, such as the algorithms now work in the iPhone.

Reddit users complained that the new Apple smartphone is literally “lubricates” the skin in a selfie. The smartphone does this is not reported and does not allow to disable this option. That is, even those who don’t like these “anti-aging” filters, are forced to endure them.

The implementation of such options in the iPhone can be connected with Apple attempts to conquer the Chinese market. In China I love beutification and quite often use them to hide imperfections and to bring a more youthful appearance.

Many compare this effect with the filters in Snapchat, which are also often subjected to criticism for giving people too cartoonish and implausible.

Apple has not commented on the situation

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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