Ireland appeal in the case of a multibillion-dollar fine for Apple to protect the reputation of the country

The government of Ireland to challenge the European Commission decision on compensation by Apple in favor of the country of tax deductions in the amount of 13 billion euros. It is reported by Ria with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

The decision was taken after three days of intense discussions, during which some members of the government proposed to take such a substantial amount and send it to different needs.

In the end, the authorities agree that if Ireland does not adopt measures that foreign companies can reduce investments in the country, and potential loss will be much greater. Low taxes during the last decades, served as the basic principle of development of the Irish economy, whereby the country has attracted numerous international companies.

Earlier in the week it was reported that the European Commission on the results of the investigation came to the conclusion that Ireland has given an unjustified tax breaks for Apple, with the result that the country sustained a loss of 13 billion euros. Now the Corporation must return the unpaid taxes to the country in the period from 2003 to 2014. The amount of additional accruals is a record in the history of the European Union.

Apple said that it is the largest taxpayer in the world that in Ireland she’s already 36 years old (attached a black-and-white photo of Steve jobs in 1980 at the factory in Ireland) and helped the local economy and created 6,000 jobs, and after Apple came to the country and other major technology companies. In addition, all tax incentives that had Apple was legal, agreed with the Irish authorities and the European Commission’s decision is contrary to Irish tax laws.

According to the head of Apple Tim cook, the correct figure in the calculations of the Corporation with the Irish tax is $400 million. the head of the company said that the decision is politically motivated.

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