Is it true that to use Apple Pay dangerous?

The portal habr conducted a study to find out how much easier or harder to steal money from debit cards than from the iPhone via Apple Pay. The result was not a surprise switch to the payment service Apple need as quickly as possible.

For reasons of clarity, the staff of the portal took a portable Bank terminal, bought the company with a Bank account and tried to Rob a prepared people, applying the display to their pockets, which were the means of payment.

The simplest option turned out to be the most unlikely — if the person has in his pocket is one card. In this case, really, just enough to attach the terminal to the pocket, and the money goes into the account. However, people usually do not keep the card so, in addition there are a number of limitations.

Most of the major banks restricts the amount that can be deducted without entering the pin code one thousand roubles. So often, the amount of fraud is 999 rubles 99 kopecks. In addition, to write off such funds constantly fail. By doing so, the security system of the Bank might find the actions suspicious and block the operation of the terminal for a certain period of time. Therefore, attackers have to constantly write off different amounts, which significantly reduces their income.

The situation becomes even more difficult at a time when a person is in a pocket, bag or purse is not one card, but, for example, banking and transport together. Most terminals will generate an error when multiple sources of information, and some choose the first and interact with him. Therefore, the decision to wear all the cards in one place more safe, but still has a chance to be robbed.

I should add that a Bank card is a major drawback. They can’t request proof of a transaction. But it can do Apple Pay. Before each payment the owner of the device either enters the password or confirm your solution with Touch ID or Face ID. Therefore, the chance of fraud to debit money from your card using wireless terminal and your phone or smart watch tends to zero.

The second advantage of Apple Pay is a ban on transferring any data to the owner to confirm its intention to pay something.

Plastic card in the presence of certain skills and equipment, you can get information about the number of the card and the expiration date. There are online stores that the presence of the CVV code (three digits back of card) do not have to pay for the purchase. Thus, stealing your card details, the attackers can buy anything through it in these stores.

Apple Pay this is not a problem. When the payment terminal appears next to the Apple device support Apple Pay, the program asks the owner to confirm the intention to deduct money from the card. Prior to this confirmation, the system does not transfer any data to the terminal, moreover, he doesn’t even understand what this means of payment. Thus the thief, holding the terminal with a special hardware to your device, you will not get any valuable information.

It turns out that Apple Pay is much safer than plastic cards and if possible portal habr recommends use of the payment service Apple, not plastic. A detailed study with all technical features you can read here.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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