Is there any difference between the gold Apple Watch different generations and what you should choose

Apple provides customers Watch Series 4 at the option of a gold case is polished steel and brushed aluminum. The portal Appleinsider compared the appearance of these devices with rose-gold Watch Series 2.

Since the first models of the Watch, Apple has implemented a version of the Golden case. On the original Apple Watch Edition it was real gold and worth a watch from the $ 10,000. Then the company had Series 2 Rose Gold and aluminium Series 3 Gold. In Series 4 to choose from two options gold case, markedly different from each other. Steel, apparently, should be ideally suited to the iPhone XS Gold.

Appleinsider believes that the steel version has turned out better and well suited for most users. Brushed gold gives a little bit of yellow tones and polished steel more like copper or brass.

Besides, if you are wearing the watch with a strap “Milanese”, the aluminum version of the mount strap to the Watch Series 4 will be very different, because the case is matte, and the mount is brilliant.

And it looks like the difference is Rose Gold Series 2 Gold Series 4

Of course, all three options gold case look good, however, most likely, the refusal of rose gold in favor of a simple gold was not exactly a mistake, but a steel version of the Apple Watch Series 4 looks amazing.

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