Isn’t it time to abandon the 3.5 mm Jack in your iPhone?

Each new iPhone thinner than the previous, unless his name has no letter “S”. Sooner or later the company will have to stop, because the components of the smartphone can not be arbitrarily thin. However, it’s possible that Apple is able to reject those components that do not conform to a trend of thickness reduction, e.g. from a headphone Jack of 3.5 mm.

3.5 mm audio output today remains inviolable standard. Earlier the mobile phones were used their own unique connectors for headset or 2.5 mm connectors, but it imposes certain limitations. We couldn’t use any headphones with our phones and couldn’t connect them to the speakers and any other devices without special adapters. It was extremely uncomfortable.

3.5 mm plug used to iPhone since the first generation device, and the users never knew of the inconvenience. Although the original iPhone 3.5 mm byl is sunk deeply into the casing that prevented to use some headphones with a fat plug. There is reason to believe that soon Apple will be back where we started from mobile phone manufacturers, and will abandon the 3.5 mm Jack in favor of Lightning connector and wireless technologies.

On the one hand, this will allow the company to make accessories for the iPhone, but the main reason may just be the pursuit of reducing the thickness of devices. Japanese blog Macotakara, citing reliable sources, claims that 3.5 mm will disappear in the iPhone 7 and it will allow to reduce the thickness of the device by more than 1 mm. Today there are several models of headphones that work with Lightning connector. It is expected that this number will grow, and in the fall will join the headset EarPods.

It is also worth noting that the refusal of the 3.5 mm Jack in the iPhone will be associated with less discomfort for us because of the wide spread of wireless technologies. Increasingly at home or in the car people use Bluetooth to connect to stereo system. Many people are switching to Bluetooth headphones, and wireless headsets are getting better and better.

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