iTunes to Samsung: 6 questions to Apple

Launch iTunes on Samsung TVs — a huge strategic decision for Apple. Instead create services that would enhance the popularity of the HomePod and Apple TV, the company gives competing devices to access their services. Apple is increasingly focused on income from services and invests huge money in TV content ahead of the long-planned launch of its own streaming service.

But there are questions that neither Apple nor Samsung has yet to respond. Nilai Patel (Nilay Patel), editor in chief of The Verge, highlighted the most, in his view, significant:

  • Whether tracking Samsung TVs spying on viewers iTunes? Long been known that smart TVs track what users watch, and the motto of the Apple privacy policy. What data usage you will see Samsung in the iTunes application?
  • The Samsung TV running Tizen, its own custom OS. Cause Apple iTunes application in Tizen? Who will be responsible for the updates and bug fixes?
  • Why the owner Samsung smart TVs to buy now Apple TV? Major streaming apps are already on the platform Samsung. At the same time, the Apple TV lags behind in sales compared to the much cheaper Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Apple talked a lot about the standard support Dolby Vision HDR, when it launched the Apple TV. And hinted, however, that the standard HDR10 weak. But the Samsung TV does not support Dolby Vision — they work for HDR10+. The iTunes library will be updated for HDR10+?
  • Why Apple did not create their own TV? Judging from Roku and Amazon, which with the help of partners could make it cheap and good, the difficulties would have kupertinovtsy not have arisen.
  • Why all of this is called iTunes? Rename any apps after the launch of Samsung?
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