Jackery Jewel first Lightning cable with built-in battery

The company Jackery has announced a new accessory for iPhone and iPad — USB cable allows you to charge the battery of mobile devices from Apple without an connection to the computer. The product also can be used to synchronize devices with a Lightning connector, instead of the standard cable.

The cord length is about 1 meter Apple-certified. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so in the process of downloading new tracks or apps on a smartphone or tablet is its simultaneous charging In the future, it allows the accessory to be used as a backup emergency power source.

Battery capacity Jackery Jewel 450 mAh provides the ability to quickly replenish the battery capacity of the iPhone 6s about a quarter, equivalent to three hours of smartphone usage.

Gadget dimensions 15 x 15 x 103 mm, weight 37 g. the building has a led that indicates the battery charge level. Jackery Jewel can be green, blue or red and also blinking during the charging process. To check the battery status, just press the only button on the case.

Jackery Jewel went on sale at a price of $ 20.

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