Japanese man arrested for selling the iPhone with jailbreak and pirate games

24-year-old Japanese citizen was arrested for selling five iPhone c jailbreak. It is reported by PhoneArena, citing local publication.

A resident of Japan Daisuke Ikeda received from them an income of $1186. The police assumes that in the period from March to may this year, the Japanese could have sold more than 200 iPhones to a total of about $49 423.

What models of smartphones traded Japanese, not reported. Recall that the jailbreak for the latest iPhone is ready, but inaccessible to the mass user. As for Ikeda, he installed pirated games and applications on jailbroken devices. For example, a pirated version of popular in Japan, Monster Strike.

It is reported that this arrest was the first arrest of its kind in the country. Daisuke charged with the violation of the rights of the owner of the trademark Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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