Jonathan Ive has designed a Christmas tree for the British hotel Claridges [photo]

Director of design Apple’s Jonathan Ive with mark Newsham has designed Christmas tree for Claridge. Photo festive tree published on the website of the company.

British hotel turned to the legendary designers, and asked to make a guest room in Christmas style. Ive and Newson have solved the problem by combining technology and nature. On the walls are projected images of snow-covered birch trees, which are the backdrop for the natural green pine, Scots pine and silver birch trees on white floor.

“There are things more pure and beautiful than nature. This became our starting point is to unite different manifestations of organic forms with technology. Our goal was to create a participatory installation that signifies our great respect for tradition and a desire for the future and innovation,” the statement reads Ive and Newson.

At Claridges was told that to see the installation created by designers Apple, can everyone stay in a hotel not necessarily.

Jonathan Ive a few years collaborating with designer Marc Newsham. Newson was born in Australia but last lived for 18 years in the British capital. In the fall of 2014, he works at Apple under the leadership of design Director for the company as senior Vice President of design. Newson together with Aviom has developed the design of “smart” watches Apple Watch.

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