Jonathan Ive received his doctorate at the prestigious University of the UK

Jonathan Ive received his doctorate at the prestigious British school. The chief designer of Apple, presented the award at the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest (the second after Oxford) and the largest in England.

As reported by the official representatives of the University diploma, has Quince, awarded to influential people who have earned a doctorate with his work, always gifted with imagination and aesthetically rich, and sometimes provocative, but always significantly shifting cultural landscape. Getting a diploma, Director of design Apple tried to be very serious, but still could not hold back a happy smile.

“Apple design chief awarded the honorary title for elegance, purity and beauty of the design of personal computers. Doctoral degree awarded to sir Jonathan Quince, the Director of Apple’s design, for the influence he has had on the world of computers, making technology affordable by design”.

Ive got a higher education on a speciality “industrial design” and was one of the founders of the design office, carrying out the orders of Apple. Until last year he held the position of senior Vice President of design Department of Apple, resembling the head of the company Tim cook. In may, he was appointed chief design Director of the company. In this role, the scope of activities of sir Ive has gone far beyond computing devices. In particular, he is involved in interior design of retail outlets and a new headquarters in California, which will accommodate more than 12,000 employees.

Ive joined the rankings of “the Most influential person in British culture” by the BBC and “Inventor of the decade” by the Guardian, was recognized as the most intelligent designer versions CNN, Bloomberg and Fortune. At the end of 2011, the British Queen Elizabeth II was given the Ive’s knighthood, and in the spring of 2014 he became the innovator of the year in Britain. In 2015 China became the most stylish celebrity magazine Vanity Fair.

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