Jonny Ive about the early days at Apple and their own values

To achieve a detailed interview with one of the current top managers of Apple – it is very difficult and often inconclusive even for eminent journalists. Some managed to refute this postulate, but the host of “60 minutes” on CBS, Charlie rose, surpassed himself in December, published a half-hour conversation with Johny Ivom. Frankness design guru can only envy.

The interview begins with unremarkable questions about the values of the Quince and the qualities that he appreciates in the potential employees.

“We have a clear and long-established idea about the hierarchical structure within the company […], — said the designer. – Our goal is not to make money. We strive to create the best products possible. We believe that the success of a product depends on the degree of competence of employees that directly affect whether [the item] purchased and will we be able to earn something”.

Passionate about their interlocutor, Ive shared memories, revealing details of the relationship with jobs, stressing their significance and spiritual closeness. According to Joni, designer flair friends were so similar that manifested itself even in small things. For example, when they noticed a special glow of goods in shop Windows or minor stroke of its packaging.

However, it was not without incident. “Many of you know, says Ive, that during my acquaintance with the Affairs of the company and by Steve I tried to make the best impression and literally tried throwing different terms about the concept design. Needless to say that the former CEO did not buy it, calling my attempt to please him failed. This allowed us to focus on making the best products, pushing into the background of personal relations”.

The question rose about what Jonathan sees himself in the company of an artist, engineer or anything else Ive said that it has a bit of everything.

“I think that combine qualities of both the artist and the designer, engineer, Builder and even work, said johnny. – I’m quite comfortable, but I, like everyone else, subject to mistakes. The main thing — time to recognize this and to treat yourself with a fair amount of criticism, because what we produce, can claim to be the physical embodiment of the idea of an ideal”.

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