Journalists found a secret Apple lab in Taiwan

It seems that in Cupertino have decided to put an end to the dependence on manufacturers of the screens for mobile devices and focus on their own developments. A s informs Agency Bloomberg, this year in Northern Taiwan, Apple has discovered a secret laboratory, which is engaged in the development of advanced displays for the iPhone and iPad.

According to representatives of the laboratory, who wished to remain anonymous, the company employs at least 50 employees. Their task is to develop a more modern displays, which will give the device a slimmer enclosures, and improved clarity, contrast and energy consumption.

Previously it was reported that by 2018, the Apple iPhone is going to translate on OLED displays from Samsung. However, if the last information is confirmed, it seems, by the deadline in Cupertino will want to refuse the services of a committed partner from South Korea.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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