Journalists have conducted the first tests of the new Apple Pencil

Journalists Appleinsider tested Apple Pencil 2nd generation. The novelty was a pleasant surprise.

As updated iPad Pro, “pencil” has got a flat side. Its main function is charging, as it is responsible for connection of the gadget and tablet. In addition, such a structure makes it more ergonomic.

Also Apple Pencil became shorter and lighter. If the first is just a nice bonus that brings the device to the size of an ordinary wooden pencil, the second is a true gift to users. This change is very important for those who work on the tablet with graphics, doing illustrations or plans of buildings, it is, the easier and the pencil — the longer it can run arm.

The magnets connecting the Pencil with the Apple iPad Pro is very powerful. They attract and repel each other to force the pencil correctly to connect to the tablet.

At first contact iPad Pro will ask you to approve the connection with the Apple Pencil. Then the screen will appear a window where will be presented all the necessary information about the function double tap to quickly switch between tools.

Earlier there was news that charging a “smart pencil” can be a problem for some owners. First, many cases are closing all side of the tablet that pretty much hinders the process. The famous case manufacturer Speck has confirmed that its products will interfere with charging Apple Pencil. Second, Apple Pencil 2nd generation doesn’t support Qi charging, and thus to ensure the operation of the device the other way is impossible.

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