“Jubilee” iPhone: in 2017 Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and will release an all-glass iPhone 8

Next year Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and show the world a brand new iPhone 8. According to Credit Suisse, the company intends to revise the design of the handset and to release the model in the glass case. This is explained by the significant date in 2017, the iPhone will be 10 years old.

That Apple will switch to glass housings instead of metal in 2018-2019, earlier said the analyst of the company KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo. Information Credit Suisse suggests that this will happen a year earlier.

Glass case get one of the iPhone models. It is reported that Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and also, perhaps, another version of the new flagship. It is noted that the glass housing is secured to the metal base. It is made with latest technology. The head of the supplier expects that it will make parts for the iPhone 8 is stronger and cheaper.

Maybe glass will be the front and back surface and edges of the iPhone 8 will be manufactured made of metal. The glass is transparent, but will provide a water resistant iPhone. The Apple smartphones will finally get rid of the plastic inserts on the antenna.

It is expected that the iPhone 8 Apple will get rid of mechanical buttons “Home” and for the first time for Apple smartphones to use OLED display. The advantages of such screens is to small thickness and low power consumption. Drawbacks ā€“ fragility: with time, the color reproduction of AMOLED displays is getting worse.

Analysts point out that Apple has two main goals for the next year ā€“ reach $ 150 of the cost of shares and the creation of this iPhone, which not only would stimulate the purchase of new users, but also became an argument to the update owners of the current models.

According to the forecast of Credit Suisse, the debut of the all-glass iPhone 8 will lead to a sharp increase in the share of Apple in the mobile market, where the company is now second only to Samsung. In the meantime, Apple is preparing to show the world the iPhone 7 which is expected to be represented by three models.

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