Kamerar introduced the world’s first interchangeable dual lens for iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Built-in smartphone cameras is getting better ā€” improving optics, progress matrix, improved processing algorithms photos. However, despite significant progress in this direction, some mobile devices still not. Come to the rescue of interchangeable lenses that can extend the capabilities of a regular camera smartphones.

Miscellaneous lenses for smartphone release in a long time. But the company Kamerar offered unique overhead lenses that are designed for smartphone the iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera. The accessory is called the Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit represents a case with a removable lining with the effects of macro, fisheye and zoom lens.

The solution is very interesting: easily and conveniently to the iPhone 7 Plus, you can attach the case, having a choice of interchangeable lenses for different shooting modes. The manufacturer has proposed a set of two overlays: a couple of macro lenses and a couple of fisheye and zoom.

Lenses for the dual camera can be easily changed thanks to the special grooves located below the main camera of the iPhone. If at some point the owner of the smartphone, they do not need, lenses or simply removed, and the device remains in a protective case or move down.

The cost Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit is now $ 45. Order novelty on the official website of the manufacturer.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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