Kanex GoPower Watch: portable battery 4000 mAh for charging Apple Watch and iPhone [video]

If you are the owner of an Apple Watch, you will certainly be interested in a combined charging station for smart watches and Apple smartphones. Original accessory called Kanex GoPower Watch.

Stylish product allows you to charge the Apple Watch on the go or while traveling. The device is made in the form of a small capsule dark color on which to place watches. Feature of the device is to support inductive charging, thanks to which the wearable computer by Apple can be charged without using additional wires.

Capacity batteries that Apple Watch is quite enough for a full day of work in offline mode. Work during the whole working day means 18 hours of use for a smart watch. During this period, allowed 90 checks the time, work with the application during the 45-minute and 30-minute workout with music playback. Charging station GoPower Watch can be useful in travel, business trip, vacation or just in everyday life.

Inside the dock Kanex is a rechargeable Li-ion battery capacity of 4000 mAh, which allows about 10 times fully charge the Apple Watch without an external source of power. Of this capacity will be enough to twice fill the battery level of the iPhone, which the device has a USB connector. For monitoring battery status Kanex GoPower Watch used informative LED indicator on the front panel.

The novelty is compatible with Apple Watch 38 and 42 mm available to order on the website of the manufacturer. The cost GoPower Watch – 99 euros.

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