Launch Android Pay in Russia: the failure, which was not expected

The launch of the payment system Android Pay in Russia, held this week, was a failure. The service debuted six months later Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but he was absolutely not ready for mass use. As Life notes, Google is not able as Apple or Samsung: surprisingly, she’s doing worse than some tiny startup from Silicon valley.

First, Android Pay out in Russia half a year later than Apple Pay: the owners of smartphones running Google once again felt flawed due to the fact that innovations reach them late. The exclusion of the holders of the gadgets Samsung: it has its own system, and it is opened simultaneously with Apple Pay (i.e. October 2016).

Secondly, those who were responsible for the may launch Android Pay in Russia, shamefully missed the deadline. First, all of IT-media in unison reported that the pay Android device will be on may 16 and then release suddenly moved for a week. This is a classic Google style, the same moves the company regularly updates its mobile operating system. Nothing new.

Third, Google was quick to send in the specialized publications of the proud press releases that at 9 a.m. on may 23, app Android Pay solemnly materializes in the Russian Play Store. Gullible journalists rushed to publish good news, and for good reason: the program for a long time remained inaccessible for many smartphones. Then, the application is still downloaded, but not activated card. Why? Mystery. Again — sleeping on the effect Google.

Fourth, from a purely technical point of view Android Pay instantly went to the bottom. For example, the application did not start on Chinese smartphones with a proprietary shell — now the owners of Xiaomi sitting in the pose of Iduna don’t know whether they will be allowed to use the new feature. More Pay is not available to those who have installed the root and have unlimited rights: the prohibition can be circumvented, but the method is very clumsy (though geeks should handle).

In addition, the new payment system inexplicably does not work on phones that have no NFC chip (such gadgets — two-thirds of the market). The fact that Android Pay, in addition to contactless payment, there is a quick online payment and instant payment applications. There was nothing to enable these options on the phones without NFC. But no users will cost.

By the way, there were those users who have Android Pay is established, but for some private reasons refused to pay. Recipe one: “contact tech support”. There is, of course, also don’t know.

Funny that Google has moved to Pay even the long-known brand bug. When you register you will be asked to index, but if you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, your real numbers will not work — need regional. In the end, so that the function is activated, Google will have to index conditional Zvenigorod or Gatchina is easy, but still crooked.

And still a tragicomedy produced by the Moscow metro.

So first, Android users Pay promised a month of travel for one ruble: pay 35 rubles and 34 within 10 minutes return to the map. Then conditions have changed — obviously, the bosses of the underground decided that the discount is too fat. The new proposal looked like this: walk for 40 rubles, 20 back. Too bad — save 50%. But then it all came together very sloppy: kesbeke no one showed up. Turnstiles took 40 rubles, and sent back a harsh scratch. Sad.

To the question “What the hell?” the press service reacted quite indifferently: “the System generally can earn in a month. Now the technical problems do not allow it to work fully”. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Why not immediately to properly prepare for the launch? You had a giant time — why haven’t you tested your own system? Why are you so firmly screwed up in Russia, a country that received Android Pay as much as eleventh in the world? The answer is obvious — because it’s Google. There is too like to claim a bunch of features, and then for weeks (months, years) to figure out what and where it is not working. Maybe this is the correct way, but company of mountain view once again clearly demonstrated: if you want reliability and responsiveness — look for alternative to Google.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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