Leap of Fate – cyberpunk, magic and action

If until now you didn’t know about Leap of Fate, it is likely that you have little interest in independent games on the computer – because the “incentive” the mixture of cyberpunk, fantasy, action and roguelike-RPG had pretty much noise. Game waited a long time on small screens, but the transition from PC to iOS was long delayed, and it was not clear whether there will be it at all. In the end, everything turned out well: the game shines in the App Store can be downloaded.

Leap of Fate starts with an impressive prologue: an ambitious mage-killer tired to prove to colleagues that he was also no fool. For therapeutic purposes the main character takes the weapon, activates your special abilities, and goes to destroy everything that comes their way. Periodically, it will warn the higher demonic powers (for example, human eyes), but revenge of the embittered outsider does not stop.

World Leap of Fate – winning technology with powerful splashes of magic: it would look like “blade Runner”, if it would put the Director of “Warcraft”. The universe embraced the gloom, dullness, pain and technological despair – and all this together with a fireball from his hands and shamanic rituals.

Most of the game is somehow on the roofs – here technomage is fighting the villains. It’s pretty simple – there are two sticks, one is responsible for the running, the second for shooting. An isometric camera, which further unites game with action rpg like Torchlight. Sometimes you can include street magic – to hit, for example, a fireball or instantly teleport to any point of the battle to hit enemies from behind.

Action in the game is dense, and therefore fascinating: space is usually severely restricted (roof), a lot of enemies; you twirl like a top, spitted on Blaster monsters. Turn here, turn there, and here – fire out of his hands, to dislodge the closing of the enemy shield. The graphics are very cute, so the carnage looks cool: Blaster clots, explosions and corpses.

Separately surprised nowhere nowhere physics and fashionable in the middle of the zero partial damage – for example, if you water the car fire, she gleefully explode, spreading a network of fragments. The use of this plus or minus is no, but how cool it looks: mobile games such items are sorely lacking.

The narrative system is implemented in the form of cards and this gives a Leap of Fate a touch of mystery. Opening the first map, level, you start the machine crazy random issue: what card will drop then, and you will have to do, nobody knows. Maybe gets a bonus that increases the ability, maybe the fight with the boss. Three boss fights in a row.

Leap of Fate is acceptable, in General, money – 299 rubles. Considering how much time you spend in the game, this is the case when the invested funds are fully repulsed and emotions, and quantity of time spent. In Leap of Fate hundreds of missions, hellishly large skill tree, is unthinkable card design the levels so that the game can naturally live a couple of weeks and then never to regret the time spent.

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