Legend of the Skyfish – to save the world with fishing rod

Weapons in games is different. In any blockbusters, as a rule, the trunks aren’t that original or as a copy of real weapons, or desperately Recalling it. In the indie games a bit more interesting with this developers can detach you some unimaginable stuff, shoot something scary. However, not only in indi – remember the great Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, and there the Arsenal: rodents, spiders, squirrels, bombs from scrap invertebrates. However, nothing can outshine the recently released Legend of the Skyfish here all executions are performed by the rod.

But first, a little background. At a certain sea state (based on the landscape – medieval Iceland) struck trouble: attacked by terrible monsters, the entire population was gone and only the girl dressed in a red hoodie, can help. But even whales – their accident is not affected, but they also do not like the neighborhood with arrogant invaders.

The girl is armed with a grenade launcher or special undemonstrated spray in her hands the only rod really versatile. It can cut enemies, tracing the air with blue flashes, and can work with portable hook, dragging the girl from island to island (the authors of Just Cause are now nervously record). During the voyage the fishing rod can be exchanged for more modern equivalents – at the end of the game the girl will keep something between a hand-held device, eskalibr and spinning for catfish.

In General, a fishing rod and all the mechanics implemented. Legend of the Skyfish is an action-golomyanka. You are chasing a girl through the Islands, constantly bumping into the closed fences (and if you swim from the flank?) – to open them, you need to drag the statue on special triggers. Along the way to avoid traps and beat enemies – they are few, they are not aggressive, but the girl has low health, so every mistake can be expensive. The end of the level always ends in a little act of vandalism – you are destroying the totem invaders, hop on the whale, and swim to the next island.

As you can tell, Legend of the Skyfish – a simple game, but it has something catchy in the gills. And it’s not even extravagant weapons, and the fact that the levels you drags prehistoric China (although this, of course, too), and that the project made very comfortable. I mean, Yes, the earth is invaded, and nothing joyful here, but these vast expanses of sea coasts, these scorched steppe fascinate – do you feel that people live here is harsh, but kind and honest. The weathering is so tight that forward as the nose hit the smell of sea salt, and ears – the cries of gulls.

Is Legend of the Skyfish, however, tangible money – almost 300 rubles. It would be acceptable for, say, Deus ex or Go some long and important RPG, but puzzle is multi – let and so charismatic.

However, play Legend of the Skyfish is still needed – so enter the name of the game in a notebook, and wait for discounts. And don’t forget to grab worms – I wonder whether the bait as many hours dragged.

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