Lenovo can stay ahead of the competition and the first to release a truly frameless smartphone

Fashion frameless smartphones come with the release of iPhone X, but even the flagship of Apple has not been able to do without any flaw. The unibrow that first, all unanimously hated, over time, turned into a virtue, and competitors have begun to copy it.

However, the presence of recesses for the camera TrueDepth and the system of recognizing individuals Face ID can not be called the iPhone X full bezrabotnym.

To be ahead of the rest is decided by the Lenovo engineers. The Chinese company showed a sketch of the smartphone Z5, which boasts a true edge-to-edge display.

If you believe the Vice-President of Lenovo Chang Cheng, who shared picture of the future of mobile in social network Weibo, the front panel Z5 will be 95% consist of the display. According to a top Manager, in the new device the company sells 18 patented technologies.

Despite a loud statement Chang, it is unclear how to actually get a smartphone, and where the manufacturer intends to place the front camera. As Vice-President of Lenovo has not revealed any specifications of the gadget of the future and did not disclose whether the new product presented to the public and will do on sale. As long as everything remains at the level of one sketch in the social network Weibo. However, if the rumor proves true, Lenovo has all chances to be the first to show truly frameless smartphone.

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