Lenovo will release a smartphone with four cameras

Vice President of Lenovo Chang Cheng shared on Weibo a picture of the rear wall of the unknown smartphone. It shows the four chambers are arranged in the shape of a square, and between the lenses is a small led flash.

Huawei not so long ago set a record, putting it in the P20 Pro three key camera. Some manufacturers have followed suit, such as Samsung with the Galaxy A7 (2018), so all other plans to release the device with more than three rear cameras. The latter refers to Nokia, and on 30 September it was joined by Lenovo.

The picture also mentioned that the phone will present in October, although there is no exact date. It is expected that the chambers will support the function of AI. And although we do not know the name of the device, it is likely that they will be a slider Lenovo Z5 Pro.

Rumors of Z5 Pro appear for a few weeks. It is expected that it will be equipped with edge-to-edge display like the OPPO Find X, but instead of a servo get the slider mechanism. So far all the leaks of the device, which appeared online, showed only the front part of the smartphone. This may mean that the rear side of the apparatus, shown in the picture Chang Cheng ā€” this is the rear portion of the Z5 Pro.

In fact, no matter how beautiful the picture doesn’t look ā€” in the best case is the render. All the lenses look similar, and put four of the same module in a smartphone ā€” employment is unreasonable and useless. What do you think, how true this picture? Write in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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