LG CEO shared his thoughts about the iPhone SE

Everyone knew about Apple’s plans to release a 4-inch smartphone at a reduced price. However, when he came out, even with the old design and without any new features it could cause a wave of debate and interest from users. This interest is absolutely not shared by the CEO of LG, at least if you believe his words.

To say something about Apple and its products are loved by many. For this purpose even not necessary that the product existed. Remember how actively the car manufacturers discussed what is not. Since the launch of LG G5 and smart accessories for him were so close in time to the event from Apple, CEO of LG Juno Cho was asked to share his opinion about the new product from Apple. He said that the launch of the product with old technology and features is not the way LG.

Let’s remind, that LG, of course, sells affordable smartphones, but at a recent event, the company launched the flagship smartphone of LG G5. This device offers users plug-ins, dual camera and various other technologies, but that it is twice as expensive as the iPhone SE, a new product from Apple is ready to overtake the flagship smartphone from LG for performance. Old technology is not the way LG, but not all new technologies are better.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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