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Those who are with us for a long time, probably know about the “mail-order”, which is sometimes glimpsed on the pages AppleInsider.ru. It allows you to order products from USA and Europe, even in those stores that don’t ship to Russia. I confess, I was difficult to be interested in something like that, but it happened that the time came to upgrade the kitchen appliances, and according to my calculations available in the United States was cheaper than buying in Russian stores. So I decided to “test” the service “mail-order” myself.

Why kitchen appliances, but not the next iPhone? It’s simple: our needs are not confined to Apple products, at least as long as Cupertino begins to produce refrigerators, blenders, vacuum cleaners and so on. All necessary stuff for comfort, especially if we are talking about a large family.

My old kettle Philips faithfully served for several years, but it’s time to find a decent replacement for him. Initially, the choice fell on the kettles of Bork company — and they look cool and are, judging by the reviews, long. However, to buy equipment of this manufacturer in Russia turned out to be quite expensive, fortunately I recently heard about the American company Breville, which essentially produces an identical technique, but, of course, puts its brand. But why pay more if the product is, as they say, one to one? See what I’m offered American stores.

On Amazon, I quickly found a welcome kettle with Breville logo, and the price pleased — about five thousand roubles. Free shipping within the U.S., and for sending to Russia will have to pay seven thousand roubles. A little expensive, so decided to go to the “mail-order”. Although I could use it, so to speak, the “official position” and ask the staff to check everything, I decided to try it as a normal buyer. Therefore, the order was known only to myself.

Well, buy! But website do I did not have the benefit of “our services” now campaign — free “Help to buy” extension for Google Chrome and “Yandex.Browser.” Have installed the extension, added in the basket “feel content”, and then specified the required settings in your personal profile.

What is the meaning of “Help in buying”? The staff in this case do all the work for you, purchase a product, place an order and, of course, arrange the delivery. You only need to on the balance in your account sufficient funds for redemption. That is, instead of having to understand the interface and Amazon to suffer with paying, I just gave the “mail-order” link on the product. Very convenient.

After recharging my tea kettle was bought in a single day, the staff sent a copy of the confirmation and told to wait for parcel “arrive” at the warehouse “feel content”.

The goods arrived at the warehouse in less than four days, as I had previously notified members of the service. To speed up the process, they pre-fill in the Declaration for delivery using Qwintry Air (the fastest and cheapest way to get your package). You only have to pay shipping! This re-added to the balance on the same day the payment was processed, and two days later, the parcel was already sent.

Just in case further insure your kettle, paying three dollars — who knows what might happen in transit.

After this it only remained to rely on the promptness of email. According to my tracking number I continually monitor the whereabouts of your parcel. In the end, from submission to receipt of goods in Moscow it has been exactly 16 days, and if my kettle is not “hung” at customs for two days, would come at all for two weeks.

Once the parcel has reached the delivery point, I got the coveted SMS, where I was invited to pick up your kettle.

Points of self-delivery “our services” very much, I quickly found the closest to home, but shipping to the door issue. Literally a minute after the parcel was in my hands, the order status changed to “Package received”.

It’s time to unpack, think?

Everything was Packed very neatly, the extra layer of protection inside the box allowed us to avoid even minor damages during transportation. Here it goes!

In the box employees “our services” has kindly put a bag of delicious American candy (photo will not show, alas, ate for a couple of minutes) and a magnet that is now emblazoned on my fridge.

And now the most interesting, or the heading “loser of the day.” When choosing a teapot, I forgot that if you buy equipment in the United States need to see what voltage it works, because U.S. equipment operates on 110-120V, and the Russian — 220V. So my kettle was with operating voltage of 110V, but here it was completely my fault and carelessness. Fortunately, the country has been a step-down transformer, so that the kettle will move there. Do not repeat my mistakes in advance and see what the voltage calculated technique. iPhone, iPad and Mac are not affected, they’re universal.

As for the experience of using a “mail-order”, I have only positive impressions. The guys worked quickly, explained everything, if there were questions, dovezli all safe and sound. So if you decide to order something in the US, whether it be a parka or iPhone, I highly recommend.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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