Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

Apple is the market leader in each of its new product attracts the attention of the world media. But few people think about how to change the Corporation in recent years. What transformations took place with the “Apple” giant, given market trends, new product launches and work with Tim cook?

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

It may seem that Apple today is roughly at the same level as in jobs ‘ life: the same basic products, same prices, same benchmarks on simplicity and functionality. However, if you dig deeper, you find that cook has indeed followed the advice of my predecessor as CEO and changed the company as he saw fit. Edition Rusbase, outlined the most significant steps Tim cook.

1. Apple relies less on third-party manufacturers

Apple is increasingly trying to rely on their own resources to the development of chips and sensors used in their devices. This gives the company the ability to more closely control the production of a harmonious combination of hardware and software that is important not only for the future of the iPhone, but for what will happen next.

2. Apple shifts the focus from devices to services

12% of Apple’s profits account for services – iCloud, Apple Pay, AppleCare and App Store – and this share business is growing faster than sales of devices. “I expect this area of our business is huge,” says cook. — It has already reached a large scale. Recently, we began to discover that if you look at it as a separate company, it will be difficult to find worthy competition.”

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

3. Apple is a fashion brand

The company’s products have long been the example of beautiful industrial design, but cook was able to instill the idea of seasons and collections, as it was implemented with the Apple Watch (remember even their combined with the brand line of Hermes straps). Update boutiques Apple Store under the guidance of veteran Burberry Angela Ahrendts also reflects this trend: accessories are presented not as a technological toy, but as fashion items.

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

4. Appeared in the App Store advertising

One billion man walks into the Apple Store to find anything and set yourself on the iPhone, and Apple are betting on the increase in the number of downloads (and therefore increase profits). To lead the store became the Director of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller, who for the past six months has made more changes than during the existence of the store prior to this — added advertising placement and an advanced subscription to make the app more efficient business.

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

5. Apple took a step in the direction of business customers

The company has signed a major deal with IBM for the supply of devices to business customers. the iPad Pro more and more positioned as a tool for professionals, translating it from class devices to regular consumers, where the interest in it fades away, class business laptop new generation.

6. Apple launched the open test iOS and OS X

Apple understand that the desire to release flawless products are too overvalued. 10 iOS and macOS Sierra now tested public beta testers. A new file system, which will be released next year, is already in the hands of developers. Even in the Apple Watch showed the desire of the company to first release a product, to understand the reaction of users and to take appropriate action.

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

7. Apple pursues new horizons, in which, perhaps, will not lead

Cars, health, production of original content, energy – Apple is making a big bet on promising areas in which already a lot of players, develop, difficult, and hardly ever will be dominated by one company. “Our strategy,” says cook is to assist you in almost all spheres of life.”

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

8. Confidentiality is paramount

Steve jobs was on a mission to popularize computers, turning them into “bicycles for the mind”, and make them as beautiful as all the other things that are important to people’s lives. Cook has given the company a morale – through your coming out and supporting policies on sex change, speaking out against the FBI in the debate about consumers ‘ right to privacy and the transformation of Apple in the environmental leader in the industry, which inevitably consumes valuable resources. “I am convinced that companies, like people, must be value,” says cook.

9. Apple has accumulated more than $230 million in cash

Apple has the $233 billion Over the last two years she has spent about $117 billion on buybacks of its shares. Although some consider these financial moves are distracting maneuvers, it’s all part of the process of professionalization of the company, started by the cook. This kind of financial complication can Supplement the other benefits of Apple. As Sam Cooke says, “I want Apple existed forever.”

Life after jobs: how Apple has changed under Tim cook

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