Live Desktop: beautiful animated Wallpaper for your Mac [video]

Unlike Windows, which in recent versions has got the technology to set as your Wallpaper animated Wallpapers, desktop OSes Apple not so great features.

In fact, every Mac user has the power to correct this injustice. You do not even have to bother with converting video and editing system files: just download the Live Desktop utility available in the directory Mac App Store. The program is designed to replace the static Wallpaper on your computer, a beautiful animated animations and visual effects.

You can choose from a catalog of live topics, including thematic set of dynamic images of waterfalls, green meadows, Sunny beach, rain, insects, animals, etc. For set Wallpapers you must download the app and open settings. In the dropdown menu clearly shows the Wallpaper list, broken down by topic. The dynamic pattern is set automatically.

You can now close the window and enjoy the live Wallpaper again, or open the drop-down menu and install a different theme. In addition to choosing themes, Live Wallpaper allows you to manage sound design: almost every topic is accompanied by thematic audio effects, you can turn them on or off. The developers note that the Live Wallpaper has a minimal impact on performance and battery life of the computer.

In the course of the day the app will be available in the Mac App Store at a discounted price of 75 rubles, then the cost of the app will increase to 749 rubles. Download Live Desktop at the link below.

Download Live Desktop for OS X [App Store]

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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