Logitech introduced a new generation of mice, which emits 90% less noise when clicking

Logitech in the framework of the exhibition IFA 2016 in Berlin presented an innovative mouse M220 and M330, which are characterized by low noise level. The manufacturer calls their new manipulators “silent”. Mouse Logitech first received the Quiet Mark certificate from the society reducing noise in the UK.

Mouse from the Logitech Silent differ almost silent click as the squelch level is 90%. In addition, their legs are made from high quality materials so the manipulators quietly glide on the table surface, and the smooth wheel for quiet scrolling pages.

“No more sighs and sidelong glances. Now you can do the job without disturbing others. With noiseless mouse Logitech Silent you will not create additional noise. In the silence increases focus and productivity, and improves learning ability. Ah, the silence is what I want to hear everything.”

Logitech M220 Silent Mice is a compact positioner with a wireless connection and a service life from a single battery up to 18 months. As stated by the manufacturer, the mouse ensures high performance and comfort even after hours of sessions.

Model M330 Silent Plus has a extended life operation in standalone mode (24 months) and is characterized by an advanced tracking technology which ensures smooth and accurate transmission of movements on almost any surface. This model, like the Junior version, capable of providing a sensor in the radius of 10 meters from the computer.

Logitech M220 and M330 from the Logitech Silent — the world’s only mouse, which was awarded the international Quiet Mark certificate. The cost of the Junior model is 1690 rubles, the eldest – 2290 roubles.

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