Looks like book Apple for 20,000 rubles [video]

This week Apple began selling their own books Designed by Apple in California, dedicated to the history of design of the company’s products. The collection contains 450 photos of different models Mac, iPhone, iPod and other devices issued by the company over the last 20 years. The book is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the Corporation Steve jobs.

Text in the book, except the title and Preface from Apple’s design chief Jonathan Ive. The whole booklet is a collection of images of different products that the company released over two decades, starting with the iMac in 1998, Apple Pencil and ending in 2015. The pictures were taken by Andrew Zuckerman.

According to Quince, the hardcover book can serve as a tool for students in all fields of design.

“This is a book about design. But we will talk about the designers, the creative search and development of products. It is an objective way of our work, which, ironically, presented ourselves. It describes how we work, what we profess values that they are fighting and what they want to achieve,” wrote the Analyst in the Preface to the book. Designed by Apple in California dedicated to the memory of Steve jobs.

The book went on sale on November 16 in some countries, but in Russia it is not yet available. The edition is presented in a large (33×40.6 cm) and small (25,9×32,4 cm) versions costing $300 and $200 respectively. In addition, to acquire the edition in some Apple stores.

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