Lost mobile traffic? There is a way to know where

The situation with mobile traffic on the iPhone recently becoming more and more frightening character. In our recent article about the strange consumption of cellular data on the iPhone 5 many readers have confirmed the existence of the problem. Where are the “leaked” traffic?

A definite answer to this question cannot be given — it all depends on the specific device, the operator and installed applications. However, to detect the channels of consumption of mobile Internet possible, and without installing third-party applications.

To do this, go to Cellular settings iPhone or iPad. Here are all your apps and data on the consumption of their mobile Internet (actually, many are aware of this). But special attention deserves the section “System services”. You can learn how much traffic consumes, for example, Siri, Push notifications or modem mode.

From this data we can determine whether to disable notifications for certain applications or location-based services that determine your location. It works in the background and consumes not only traffic, but also adversely affects the battery life of the device.

The most sense would be if you disable the “Help with Wi-Fi”, due to which the consumption of mobile Internet grows significantly. The holders of fully unlimited packages were not in danger, but the limited definitely.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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