LuDela – the world’s first “smart” candle [video]

Light the wick real wax candles from the comfort of your sofa by using special technologies Wi-Fire. New candle company LuDela are not imitations, they do consist of a wax filler and ignited remotely with iPhone.

The tendency to turn ordinary devices into smart, giving them wireless interfaces, does not reduce the momentum. The market appeared the world’s first “smart” candle.

The Wi-Fire allows you to manage LuDela remotely over the wireless network, and not only igniting and extinguishing a candle, but also adjusting the brightness of the flame (due to the length of the wick). With your smartphone you can manage multiple devices.

The mobile application receives from the lamp information about the remaining time of burning and the battery. The candle can turn on and off on schedule and the timer.

The candle completely consumes the wax and is more economical, safe and convenient lamp, than the traditional candles that should be lit and extinguished manually, according to the manufacturer. When this is fully preserved the flavor of live fire. The casing of the lamp, imitating decorative candle is replaceable. The user can choose its color.

LuDela the cost is $ 99. On the website of the company can leave the pre-order. Shipment is scheduled for early 2017.

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