Luxury iPhone for catching pokémon will cost 187 000

Jewelry company Caviar presented in Russia a new smartphone iPhone Pokemon Go Edition, intended for fans of the popular game about pokemons.

The phone’s design uses titanium panels, covered with engraving based on the game. In the patterns you can see images inspired by the characters of the teams Pokemon Go and fancy ornaments of fire. The case is decorated with the inscription “Go” and “Pokemon Edition”.

Contrasting gold element on black background is the stylized element, embodying “pokebol”. The bas-relief in the form of a device for catching pokémon covered in gold 750.

Another unique feature of iPhone Pokemon Go Edition — paid account for the game Pokemon Go with the max pack game currency, complete with a device provided with a username and password it account.

At the moment the Caviar is taking pre-orders for iPhone 6s Caviar Pokemon Go Edition. It will be available in a limited edition of 77 devices at a price of 177 000 rubles for the version with 64 GB and 187 000 rubles for the version with 128 GB. The device will go on sale simultaneously with the launch of the popular franchise in Russia.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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