Mac users, download Chrome with caution

I think you already know that you should not go to dubious addresses in the Network, as this may cause problems with computer security, even if it is running on OS X. Difficult to determine the malicious sites when they are… right in the Google ads.

Experts from the company Cylance has discovered a malicious advertising campaign in Google AdWords. The point is that the attackers bought the top places on request “Google Chrome” and redirects the user to and on the fake the download page, which, of course, secret.

Once the user downloads the file from this website (FLVPlayer.dmg), and then opens it, runs the web page of the rogue security software MacPurifier that offers to scan your computer for viruses and download a number of additional applications. Trusting the user need to download something from the offered, and thereby “drop” malware on your Mac.

What you need to do?

First and foremost, always check the links where you are downloading apps. Usually the attacker has no SSL certificate (padlock near the address bar), and can be distinguished in this way.

If you have recently downloaded Google Chrome advertising Google, download the program Malwarebytes, which scans the computer for signs of infection. However, it can be any app-anti-virus, preferably known.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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