macOS High Sierra: 5 reasons to wait for the release of the desktop platform Apple

On Monday, Apple introduced macOS High Sierra is the latest version of the desktop operating system. As stated in the company, updating the underlying storage technology and work with video and graphics has given rise to a new era of innovation on the Mac.

macOS High Sierra offers a new file system that supports high efficiency video coding (HEVC) and Metal technology created by Apple and the opening capabilities such as machine learning or content creation virtual reality. In addition, macOS High Sierra improved many apps that Mac users work with every day, such as Photos, Safari and Mail.

1. File system Apple

The Apple file system (APFS) with improved performance reliable and secure. The architecture is optimized for modern storage technologies designed for large capacity. APFS allows you to perform everyday actions such as copying files or folders ensures data security in case of power outages and system failures, and also protects the files by using the embedded encryption. macOS High Sierra is fully compatible with previously formatted HFS drives to read and write and by taking into account the further development of storage technologies.

2. High efficiency video coding

Support industry standard HEVC (H. 265) allows you to play in normal and streaming mode, the 4K excellent quality, occupying 40% less space than the existing H. 264 standard. Thanks to HEVC technology Apple is able to provide streaming high-quality video to networks that were previously only possible streaming of HD video. And features hardware acceleration for the new iMac and MacBook Pro the process of editing and encoding for HEVC to be fast and energy efficient.

3. Metal 2

Metal is the fastest way to use the Mac. Metal 2 with better API and enhanced performance allows the developers to make apps even faster. Now, it supports the possibility of machine learning, used for machine vision, speech recognition and natural language processing. The most demanding users will have access to the external GPUs due to the combination of technologies Thunderbolt 3 and Metal 2. Set External Graphics Developer Kit gives developers all the capabilities of the software and hardware needed to improve applications.

4. Virtual reality

macOS High Sierra, based on the performance of Metal 2 and the new Mac for the first time supports the possibility of creating virtual reality content, so developers can create Mac new games, 3D content, and the content of virtual reality. Leading companies specializing in virtual reality, in collaboration with Apple to develop Mac new tools that will become available later this year. For example, Valve optimizes virtual reality platform SteamVR for macOS and win support for headset HTC Vive, and the company’s Unity and Epic set up for your macOS development tools content virtual reality. In addition, later this year in Final Cut Pro X will support the professional streams 360 degrees with import, editing and export of spherical video.

5. Improvement apps for Mac

The Photos app in macOS, High Sierra has a new sidebar with albums and tools to sort, which is always present on the screen. Updated edit mode includes new powerful tools: the “Curves” to fine-tune color and contrast and “Define color” to change the selected color. To pictures Live Photos you can now apply funny effects, and the function “Memories” combines photo and video of the user in accordance with new themes. The Photos app now supports external editors, so open Photoshop, Pixelmator and other apps directly from the Photos and edits are saved in your Photos. For the first time thanks to the support of third-party extensibility users can print and publish the image through the services of Animoto, ifolor, Shutterfly, WhiteWall and Wix directly from the application Photos.

Additional improvement applications:

  • In Safari, you can automatically use mode Reader and open the article in an easy to read concise form, and the Autoplay function Blocking blocking automatic playing of audio media files in the browser.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari uses machine learning technology for detection and removal of data by which advertisers track user activity on the Internet.
  • Search in Mail is becoming faster and easier thanks to Top Hits: actual letters are at the top of the list.
  • The Siri voice on a Mac has become more natural and expressive, and when you use Apple Music voice assistant takes into account your preferences, creating appropriate playlists, and answering questions about music.
  • In the Notes added a simple table ā€” the user can now type text in the cell, edit the table and move rows and columns.
  • In Spotlight, you can find flight details, including arrival time and departure, flight delays, flight information terminal or gate and even a map of your flight.
  • ICloud File Sharing allows you to share any file from iCloud Drive and opens up new possibilities of collaboration.

Version macOS High Sierra for developers available to members of Apple Developer Program page starting today and will be available to Mac users in the format of a public beta in June visit

macOS High Sierra will be available this fall as a free update in the Mac App Store.

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