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Wireless technologies have become ingrained in our lives, and their application has become largely intuitive. Sometimes, however, things are not so simple, and intuitive you have to sacrifice for the sake of reliability. One of such cases, this material.

Despite the fact that with the development of cloud storage, all kinds of messengers, and in the case of ecosystem, the Apple — branded iCloud and AirDrop to transfer files directly between devices have faded into the background, scenarios in which it can be useful, still exist today. The other day, the author was a need to “unload” a file with a vintage camera on Symbian, but there it was: the latter simply refused to detect the computer. The explanation was logical — Mac serious approach to security issues, and the culprit turned out to be the option, whose existence knows not everyone experienced “Makovod”.

So, in order to make your Mac available to transfer data, you must be in panel “System preferences” from is located in the upper right corner of the screen the Apple menu and choose “sharing”. Here and lurking we are interested in the item called “Bluetooth sharing”. Just in case recommend you to use it as necessary, as well as set all available switches to “Ask what to do” — so you can protect your computer from unauthorized access.

As you can see, everything is simple and elegant. Please note — for data exchange via AirDrop or connect wireless devices to the above-described option is not required that demonstrates the reasonableness of the macOS interface. If your computer is experiencing problems with the operation of the Bluetooth module, we recommend you to try this simple tip.

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