Macs were again at risk

It looks like the industry computer security waiting for the next interesting discovery — a team of researchers has created a new worm capable of infecting Mac computers, reports Wired. It works on the level of firmware that makes it impossible to remove without clever manipulation.

Hackers used a known exploit called Thunderstrike and their offspring less than original — “Thunderstrike 2”. In fact it is an improved version of the first worm that can infect computers running OS X remotely using malicious web sites or e-mail. The principle of their development they captured on video.

It is noteworthy that once on one Mac, the worm can spread to all computers on OS X, to which it will connect. To remove it the usual reinstallation of the system is impossible: the problem is solved on the hardware level — for many users, this can be critical.

I am glad that the researchers did not use the “Thunderstrike 2” in the mercenary purposes — they announced their discovery to Apple, but the company’s engineers still managed to fix only one of the five vulnerabilities. At the same time, the company promised to release soon a security update OS X, and finally solve the problem.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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