Manufacturer of iPhone cases can prevent the sale of mobile Phone Essential from the Creator of Android

A well-known manufacturer of iPhone cases, the company Spigen, demanded Essential – the Creator of Android Andy Rubin is to stop using the trademark.

Presented a few days ago a mobile Phone Essential aroused the interest of the public. The developers have already promised to start shipping the new items to the end of June, as well as releasing monthly firmware updates for it. Now, however, the output was called into question.

The company Spigen has previously trademarked Essential for their chargers, covers, batteries, Bluetooth headphone.

Spigen sent us a warning letter to the Essential, inviting the latter to voluntarily abandon use of the brand. Otherwise, the case will be sent to the court.

“Threatening letters — the usual thing for our industry. Despite the fact that making statements is the prerogative of Spigen, we consider them to be minor and will react accordingly”, – said the representatives of the Essential.

During the investigation it became known that Essential was twice denied registration of the trademark (the first “Essential”, then “Essential Products”). It is obvious that Andy Rubin and his lawyers are ready to such proceedings.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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