Media: Apple begins production of Siri Speaker, the announcement will take place at WWDC 2017

The annual WWDC is primarily devoted to new operating systems as Apple, but in the past it has repeatedly made in new hardware. According to the source, which opens June 5 event Apple will introduce a “smart” speaker with a built-in voice assistant Siri.

The insider on the upcoming events shared Bloomberg, through contacts in the Asian partners of Apple are traditionally better than others knowledgeable about the plans “Apple” of the Corporation. According to him, Apple at WWDC will introduce the “smart” column with Siri Speaker, the production of which has already begun.

Among the advantages in addition to Siri support and integration into the Apple ecosystem sources call a special technology for surround sound “virtual surround sound”. Siri Speaker delivers louder sound quality than its counterparts in the face of the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Column will not only cost more than competitors, while providing higher quality sound, but will have integrated touchpad. Siri Speaker will receive the support of AirPlay, Apple’s music service Music and advanced artificial intelligence to control home appliances.

Of course, not be avoided at WWDC and the announcements of new software. Most likely, Apple will talk about the main features of the operating systems iOS 11, macOS 10.13, tvOS 11 watchOS and 4, the release of which will take place later in 2017 year.

Among other anticipated new events – updated line of laptops MacBook and 10.5-inch iPad.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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