Media: Apple keeps track of who you’re connecting with users iMessage, and can give the information on request by the police

iMessage provides strong encryption of data, so to access the content of the correspondence, not any third-party user. Despite this, Apple stores data about when and with whom to communicate instant messenger users.

iMessage is positioned Apple as a confidential way to communicate with friends and family, however, according to The Intercept, the app is not that private as you would think. When a user tries to contact someone through the branded service of “Apple” company, the application automatically sends a request to Apple servers to check whether the intended message recipient’s account in the service. At this moment the company gets the opportunity to see who the person is trying to reach ā€” regardless of, is the recipient account on iMessage or not.

Moreover, Apple records the time and date of the request and IP address from which the request is made that can be used to determine the location of the user.

All this information is stored on Apple servers for 30 days. However, iMessage and other standard apps on iOS from time to time send requests to the company by generating new records on who is trying to contact the user. The records kept only information about the phone contacts, but even that for some can have consequences.

All of the above information can be transferred at the request of the police. The report is based on information received from a judicial Agency of Florida, to develop a document about the data Apple can give to the authorities.

The official representative of Apple confirmed that “in some cases” the company really can provide data from the servers of the court.

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