Media: Apple started developing augmented reality glasses

Apple started developing its own augmented reality glasses. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources close to the company.

According to informed sources, Apple’s strict secrecy is conducting experiments on the creation of digital points. This unit will work on the basis of a wireless connection with smartphones iPhone to show images and information in the field of view of the user, and can also be used as a device augmented reality.

In the Apple digital points the project was discussed with potential suppliers. The Corporation ordered from the same company a small number of specialized displays for testing. According to the source, the fact that the company has not ordered a sufficient number of components, can indicate the start of mass production in a short time.

If the tests are successful, the technology can be put into mass production in 2018, the publication. The company declined to comment.

To deal with the issue of digital points previously tried Google. However, its the device Google Glass has not received wide popularity.

Earlier, CEO Tim cook expressed his enthusiasm in connection with the development of augmented reality technologies, believing this segment of the market more advanced than virtual reality. Many experts agree that augmented reality’s potential monetization among consumers and the corporate market. Apple for a long time, the relevant assets and registers patents related to augmented reality technology.

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