Media: Apple will release the iPhone 8 in a new frameless design with curved displays a diagonal of 5 inches and 5.8

Apple in 2017, will release a smartphone iPhone 8 in two screen sizes “edge to edge”. About it reports on Friday Barclays Research, citing informed sources.

According to the informant of the supply chain, Apple’s new flagship will debut in two versions of display diagonal of 5 and 5.8 inches. In Cupertino decided to increase the size of the screen, as the device is deprived of a framework around the display panel, will be able to save the old size.

However, as noted, the major modification will have a curved screen and will boast an OLED matrix. Analysts cite several reasons for such a radical redesign. The first is the desire to release an entirely new device in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. Not less important it seems and the second portion of information: the dimensions of the smartphone will remain virtually unchanged. Increase the diagonal screens will be achieved through the use of a new frameless design.

It is noted that Apple will not abandon the Home button, but it will turn into a virtual, in fact, its functions including fingerprint recognition Touch ID will be to perform the entire screen. Also report advanced biometric capabilities, improved the mechanism of tactile feedback Taptic Engine and wireless charging.

According to some manufacturers of front panels became the company’s Lens Technology and Biel Crystal Manufactory. They release and back cover for smartphones, which will also be made of glass.

In 2017 Apple will celebrate the anniversary with the release of the first iPhone. Based on this, previously, many analysts predicted a complete redesign of the smartphone and adding many new features.

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