Media: in 2017 Apple will release a revolutionary device for health monitoring

The last few years, Apple is developing a device that will revolutionize healthcare. About it writes the Economic Daily News, citing informed sources.

It is reported that the product will accurately record all changes in the human body that occur throughout the day. In particular, the device can analyze heart rate, blood sugar, pulse and other important information.

Currently Apple is looking for suppliers to implement a mysterious product. The company from Cupertino will present a novelty in 2017. Plans to establish cooperation with TSMC, Foxconn, TPK, Zhen Ding Technology and other companies.

The sources did not shared information about the form factor of the upcoming gadget, but we know that the 3D Touch function available on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will play a crucial role in the new device.

As you know, the Apple Watch, the company has focused on monitoring the health of the owner, and for this the device has got an optical heart rate sensor. On the hand electronic bracelet continuously monitors the pulse of the owner and a number of other parameters of the body.

Despite the fact that the device has a heart rate sensor, Management of quality control food and drugs administration (FDA) has banned Apple to position the smart watch as a medical device.


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