Media: iPhone 8 gets a 5.8-inch OLED-display “edge to edge” with an active area of 5.1-5.2 inches

New generation 5.8-inch iPhone will have an active screen area of 5.1-5.2 inches. This was announced on Thursday, analyst at KGI Securities Min-Chi Kuo.

“According to our data, OLED iPhone will get a display with a diagonal of 5.1-5.2 inches, despite rumors on the Network. Now you can find a variety of information on this subject, ranging from 5 to 5.8 inches, which, we believe, does not contradict our information. The new iPhone will have a 5.7-5.8-inch flexible OLED panel (the exclusive supplier Samsung KR). However, for “specific purposes”, the actual size of the screen can be 5.1-5.2 inches. In addition to the models with OLED display, we expect that Apple will release the new 5.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone screens, TFT-LCD,” writes cuco.

KGI to believe that Cupertino has decided to increase the screen size one of the iPhone models 8, as the device is deprived of a framework around the display panel, will be able to save the old size. A limitation of the active area of the screen associated with the need to preserve the ergonomics of the “frameless” screens.

Informed sources reported that next year Apple will release not two, as was customary in recent years as smartphone three. The older model will be the iPhone 8 with a display diagonal of 5.8 inches, this model will promote the use of OLED screens. Also in the sale of the iPhone with a diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches and TFT-LCD panels.

In the media noted that the transition to the new type displays in the iPhone will be gradual. The new OLED screens will get the panels “edge to edge” glass covering on both sides.

In 2017 Apple will celebrate the anniversary with the release of the first iPhone. Based on this, previously, many analysts predicted a complete redesign of the smartphone and adding many new features.

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