Media: iPhone 8 will support WiGig 802.11 ad standard with speeds of 8 GB/s

As has become clear to almost all, the development of a new range of wireless wifi is not just a necessity, but inevitability. Next year the market will be mobile devices that support the new Wi-Fi standard-802.11 ad also known as WiGig (Wireless Gigabit ā€“ “wireless Gigabyte”).

iPhone 8, is expected to be one of the first smartphones that support the speed of up to 8 gigabits per second. The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the start of certification smartphones, laptops, routers, and other gadgets that support ultrafast Protocol. At this stage we are talking about flagship devices.

The communication standard 802.11 ad, also called WiGig, is developing since may 2009. In December 2009, was submitted to the standard specification, version 1.0, and in may 2010 it was published. In addition to the high speed device of the new standard will have better security features and power management.

WiGig works only on short distances of about 10 meters. This means that even if you have a router and a phone that supports the new standard, you will probably get high speed in only one room. Currently, the standard is 802.11 ac, using a broadcast frequency of 5 GHz and is theoretically able to provide the data transfer speed is 4.5 Gigabit per second.

The 802.11 ad standard describes high-speed wireless networks, short-range in the 60 GHz band. This is a serious limitation for WiGig, but the new standard still opens a lot of possibilities.

The widespread introduction of WiGig will help to get Wi-Fi that was previously inaccessible even with the use of the 802.11 ac standard, namely, stable two-way data transmission at speeds exceeding the indicators wired Gigabit Ethernet. So, will be available to new possibilities such as high-speed wireless connectivity to data storage systems, wireless operation of the VR technology, transfer video formats high resolution.

He WiGig, as already mentioned, is not new ā€“ it has often been used to illustrate further development of the market of gadgets. But that certification gadgets Wi-Fi Alliance is basically a signal to deploy WiGig.

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