Media: problems Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was caused by the rush before the announcement of the iPhone 7

Samsung has decided to accelerate the launch of Galaxy Note 7, turning the opinion of the smartphones due to defective batteries, with the aim to stay ahead of the iPhone 7. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to informed sources. The company too was in a hurry to release the device before the announcement of the new flagship Apple.

According to interlocutors of the edition, upon learning of the absence of radical changes in the design of the iPhone, the user Samsung was assured of brilliant prospects of the Galaxy Note 7 and forced the suppliers to meet more stringent terms. The company has set more stringent deadlines for its partners, sacrificing the higher resolution display and upgraded batteries with fast charging.

The official presentation of the Galaxy Note 7 was scheduled for 10 days earlier than in 2015 — not 13, and August 3. Was also dramatically increased the battery capacity with 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh. Because of the cuts in terms of many employees Samsung camped out in the workplace, and mobile operators that have received a preliminary version of the Galaxy Note 7, checked mainly the performance of the smartphone, not the battery.

“It all backfired. Just a few days after the announcement, Note 7 in social networks there are reports of explosions and ignitions of batteries,” — writes Bloomberg.

Samsung declined to comment on whether the launch acceleration Note 7 is connected with the conclusions about the iPhone 7. “The timing of the release of any new mobile product are determined on the basis of due completion of the process of development and readiness of the product to the market,” the company said.

About the problem with batteries of the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7, sales of which began in August of 2016, it became known in early September. Then Samsung has officially announced the suspension of sales of the flagship, and also recall all devices sold.

At the moment in Seoul was officially recognized by about 100 cases of spontaneous combustion devices due to battery issues and promised to replace all the recalled device.

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